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February 14, 2008

"Innocent Bystander At A Catfight"

Some things you just can't argue...

by Michael Gravette in the American Chronicle.

One very talkative guy was selling a lot of pistols to women.

I decided to listen to him, and he had a real good pitch. I'd say he was selling over half the women he was talking too.

Then one woman started giving him a hard time. She was not there to buy a gun or look at a gun. She was there to be disruptive, and I have been through this experience before when I have had a booth.

She was laying out all the trite arguments about guns, and he was patient, answering all her attacks.

After a few minutes a young woman let herself in the booth. She listened to the anti gun woman for about a minute, and told her to move on. The anti gun woman didn't budge, and continued her rant.

The young woman asked her to leave again, and again she was ignored.

Just then three women walked up to the booth. The young woman started showing them different models, and making recommendations. The loudmouth woman butted in, and said, "Give me one good reason for buying a gun."

The young woman stepped back, pulled off her sweater, and I gasped. She had several scars clearly visible. She then told the story of an assault in which she was stabbed 22 times. After she finished she asked the loudmouth if that was good enough for her. The loudmouth disappeared quickly.

I learned how to deal with these anti-gun, anti-personal protection people a long time ago. But this young woman had her own way of dealing with the situation.

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