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May 23, 2005

Not another cent.

I received a pledge form from the RNC today. It reminded me of the promise I'd made to support my Party. I will be sending it back with only a letter asking why I should support my Party when it breaks its promise to me.

We were told the Republican Party would lead. I have to say I'll believe it when I see it. And that's when they'll see another check from me.

No good will come of it...

Well, the Democrats "caved" in the Senate. Well, not really. They gave up nothing and gained legitimacy for their erroneous position by the collusion of Republican defectors. Yes, that's what they are. The Republicans gained nothing and lost legitimacy for their correct position by the sabotage of Republican defectors. No, the up or down votes agreed on really don't mean anything. There will be a Supreme Court appointment in the near future, and unless it's Hillary Clinton, the Dems will filibuster.

Would have been much better to get it out of the way now.

If I were a Republican in the Senate, I'd be thinking about some new leadership. I'm a Republican in Ky, and I know that's what my next letter to Senator McConnell and Senator Bunning will suggest.

There's an envelope on my counter in the kitchen right now with a pledge form to the Republican National Committee. What to do??? HMMM.

Just one quick question. - who won the election, anyway?
Right now, it sure doesn't look like we picked up nearly as many seats as it seemed on Election Day.

Details on the Rolling Block

From my cousin:
We started with an old military Remington action, and my gunsmith buddy completely reworked it to Sporting Rifle configuration. The barrel is by Green Mountain (highly regarded in our circles), full octagon, 32” long, chambered in .45-70. Stock is Remington Sporting Rifle configuration, English walnut, steel buttplate and forend tip. The action was engraved by Ken Hurst, of NC (used to work in the Colt Custom Shop). The metal finish is a combination of methods, all original to these types of rifles…the buttplate, forend tip, triggerguard, hammer, breechblock, and tang sight base were color-case hardened. The action frame is carbonia blue (think pre-war Colt blue-black), and the barrel is slow rust blued. Montana Vintage Arms tang sight and globe front with spirit level complete the piece.

May 20, 2005

New (old) Rifle

The pictures below show the current pride and joy of my cousin, G.P. (After his family, of course)
The engraving was done by Ken Hurst. The stock work was done by my cousin.
I'll have to try really hard not to covet this one. Right.
I've lost the details about the rifle, and G. is at a silhouette match in TN this weekend, so I'll try to post details Monday or Tuesday.
When Master Sgt. G.P. leaves the Army, he'll get to do this kind of thing all the time.

Beautiful wood.  Posted by Hello

Completed rifle, right side of action. Look at that wood. Posted by Hello

The completed rifle, with proud owner Posted by Hello

In the white, right view. Posted by Hello

In the white, left view. Posted by Hello

The Nuclear Option according to Nick Anderson

This is another of the many reasons why I seldom read and never buy The Courier-Journal, the only daily paper here in the Peoples' Republic of Louisville Metro. Nick Anderson, prize-winning cartoonist at the C-J, has this take on some Senate Republican's efforts to get the Senate to do its Constitutionally mandated job and give an up or down vote to the President's nominees. While you're on this page, you can look at more of his work and get really steamed.

Oh, I know it's on the op-ed page, but really, if one of the major voices (picture's worth a thousand works, remember?) of the C-J can't see the difference between elected officials in the United States doing their job, and the Communist dictator of North Korea, why should I spend money on the rag, unless, of course, you are a moonbat. At least Anderson is a better artist than the poor-excuse-for-a cartoonist Joel Pett at the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Louisville and the Commonwealth deserve a top-notch Conservative daily newpaper. Where o' where are you O' Voice of Truth and Reason?!?!?!?!

May 6, 2005

Those who can't do...

Nice article by Victor David Hansen in The American Enterprise Online.

I've often wondered at the level of willfull ignorance of the Left in America, but it pales in comparison to that found on the Continent. That and what I have always believed is rank envy.

The next time you think someone across the Pond is making a good point, just remember the surest prediction of the British elections: 40%+ minimum taxes for everyone in formerly Jolly Olde England. And the Continent is worse. Of course, that only applies to the small percentage who actually have jobs.

"It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried."
Winston Churchill