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February 4, 2008

As I prepare to prepare to file my tax(ing) return...

I was reminded of this quote.

“I’m sure everyone feels sorry for the individual who has fallen by the wayside or who can’t keep up in our competitive society, but my own compassion goes beyond that to the millions of unsung men and women who get up every morning, send the kids to school, go to work, try and keep up the payments on their house, pay exorbitant taxes to make possible compassion for the less fortunate, and as a result have to sacrifice many of their own desires and dreams and hopes. Government owes them something better than always finding a new way to make them share the fruit of their toils with others.”—Ronald Reagan

Why is is so difficult for so many to understand that before you can give it away, you have to take it away from someone else? Why so difficult to say to people, "You've made your bed. Now you have to lie in it?" I am not without compassion. My wife and I give sacrificially to church and charity. Those who can should help those who need help, but shouldn't be forced to help those who will not help themselves.

Be honest. If, instead of payroll deductions, you had to write a check every year to the IRS, and state in Kentucky, for the total amount of your taxes, would you stand for it? Instead of worrying about how much you would get back, you would be much more concerned about how much they were keeping. 

Just for the fun of it, when you finish your return get out your checkbook and write a check for the amount they are keeping, Void it and put it somewhere you can see it. I'll be willing to bet you will be calling, writing or emailing those who represent you more often about tax and spending issues.

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