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January 15, 2008

Bad news in Nebraska, full frontal assaults on gunnies, hunters.

(direct from Joe's Crabby Shack)

State Sen. Ernie Chambers, long known as a maverick lawmaker, has
introduced LB929. This measure would make it illegal to hunt, fish, or
trap any living animal in Nebraska.

Chambers is known for introducing outlandish measures. He gained
national attention last year for suing God over natural disasters.

There is little chance this measure will see the floor, let alone pass.

As firearm and outdoor-related legislation is introduced, Joe's Crabby
Shack will be there to alert gunowners to any attacks on their rights.


The bill

Sen. Ernie Chambers:

Direct link to The Shack


State Senator Brad Ashford introduced LB958 today.

This is a massive anti-gun "anti-crime" bill that will infringe on the
rights of lawful gun owners while doing little to stop gun violence.

In short, the bill requires:
-- You must report all lost or stolen firearms within 48 hours

-- All guns are to be sold with trigger locks and a note explaning their use

-- A Gun Violence Commission will be formed to study violence
  - Members include attorney general, chiefs of police, mayors, judges, etc.
  - The report, including what laws we need to pass will be delivered
by 12/31/08

-- All seized handguns will be subject to tracing

-- A hotline will be established to report people with guns

-- the NSP will have public awareness campaigns

-- No handgun purchase certificates will be issued if you have a
mental issue inthe past ten years

-- This is an emergency act, so it takes effect upon passage.

This is particularly troubling as the police chiefs and mayors of the
two towns listed are heavily anti-gun (Omaha's mayor Mike Fahey is a
member of the Bloomberg panel).

This just was announced, so more details will come. Please watch Joe's
Crabby Shack ( for more.


Sen. Brad Ashford

Direct link to The Shack

This type of blast effect law making is often attempted to get others to compromise down instead of standing up for our rights. I hope these Nebraska legislators have their head handed back to them in committees and on the floor if they get that far. If you live in Nebraska, it's time to let your lawmakers hear you loudly and clearly.

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