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October 10, 2007

When a progressive looks for reason...

In a post called "The Gun Control Argument" SmellyCat-13 was looking for some answers. Pro-gun control to start with, SC13 was asking for information. What happened to this request for reasonable discourse? Flames from the anti's, reason and facts from the pro-gun crowd. The result?

"The Gun Control Argument part 2" wherein we find,

"Yes, I have changed my mind on the gun control issue. I really want to note, though, that it was only because of the responses that were written kindly which convinced me. As I've said many times before, these responses are always the ones most well received - I think that the fact they changed my mind is proof enough, as it is so hard for so many people to change their minds on subjects such as this one. There were plenty of informative responses that were written much more angrily and it was very easy for me to brush them off because they had, in one way or another, offended or hurt me. I really want to stress that, because, in all honesty, the majority of those comments I received were angry and rather mean and made me hesitate to return to Progressive-U and see the new comments. They have also made me anxious for the end of the scholarship contest so that I can stop coming here, striving for points. If it weren't for the more kindly written comments, I can safely say I never would have come around to the conclusion that I was originally wrong about gun control.

Your Granny was right. You do catch more flies with sugar.

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