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October 8, 2007

Gun control doesn't protect us -- guns do

Self-proclaimed Florida liberal Mike Thomas has a commentary with the above title. Another anti- sees the light.

He starts:

Tiffany Barwick and Michael Ruschak asked the cops to protect them from Barwick's former boyfriend.
She told them he had harassed her, threatened to kill her, bought a gun and sent an image of her riddled with bullet holes.
A Seminole deputy advised her to get a protective court order. We all know how effective they are against the criminally obsessed.

The deputy also would send her complaint to the State Attorney's Office, which is akin to tossing it into the Grand Canyon.
There is a lesson in all this.
The cops can't protect you.
The cops could not protect Erin Belanger and her five friends who were beaten to death by Troy Victorino and his band of thugs in Deltona.

and says,

Given this reality, given that Central Florida is turning into a bad Mad Max sequel, my liberal belief in gun control is getting wobbly.


It seems we pass laws that feel good without a lot of proof they are doing any good.


When Florida liberalized permits for concealed weapons in the 1980s, critics predicted a Wild West bloodbath. It never happened.
Responsible gun owners don't use guns irresponsibly. Go figure.
Until the cops get better at enforcing gun control on those who shouldn't have guns, a better alternative for the rest of us is gun education, gun classes and secure gun storage.

and more.

My only observation is that cops will never get better at enforcing gun control on those who shouldn't have guns. They can only get better at enforcing the laws on those who misuse guns for criminal purposes. (If the courts also jump aboard)

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