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November 11, 2004

Mandate, shmandate, we're WINNERS!!

Does anyone really think that the Democrats wouldn't be acting as though they had a mandate if the results had been reversed? Does anyone really think the Democrats would be talking about the 56 million people who would have voted against them? Does anyone really think that even if they didn't talk about a mandate the Democrats wouldn't be pushing the Liberal agenda down our throats?

Remember, we're stupid. We don't have the sense to get in out of the rain unless talk radio tells us to.

Remember, we're bigoted. We have to be shown the way to sexual and racial enlightenment.

Remember, we live in an outdated past. We have to be dragged into the 21st Century, away from the "Dark Age" morality we espouse.

Remember, it's for our own good.

Liberals reading this would shout, 'YES, HE GETS IT!!"


Remember. Bush won. We picked up 4 seats in the Senate. Four. And four more seats in the House.

It's about time we quit talking and started acting like winners. Remember?

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