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November 10, 2004

Hut, two, three, four...

In my youth I spent a number of years in marching bands, both in high school and college. If you've ever watched a marching band, I'm sure you've noticed that all the members are in step. At least, they're supposed to be.
When a member is out-of-step, it's usually pretty obvious to observers. The person marching sometimes takes a while to figure it out, but when they do, they hop and skip for a moment until they get back into rhythm.

Kind of reminds me of the hopping and skipping I'm seeing from some Democrats in print who are trying to figure out how to get back in step with the center. However, a very large portion of the Left hasn't figured it out yet. They still think the center and right are the ones out of step, kind of like the dad who remarked to a bystander, "Look at that, everyone in the band is out of step except my son!"

Like that poor dad, I don't think they'll ever figure it out.

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