NEVER BEEN SHOOTING? Would you like to try it?
An offer for Louisville Metro area residents.

If you have never been shooting, are 21 years old or older and not otherwise barred by state or federal law from purchasing or possessing a firearm, I'd like to invite you to the range. I will provide firearms, ammunition, range fees, eye and hearing protection and basic instruction.

(Benefactor Member of the NRA, member of KC3, former NRA firearms instructor, former Ky CCDW instructor)

Email me if you are interested in taking me up on this offer. Five (5) people already have.

June 6, 2008


From the

This week’s ‘Braying Jackass’ award

“It’s all politics. It’s all about the bias of the media for Obama... I’m telling ya, all it’s doing is driving her supporters further and further away—because they know exactly what it is—this has been the most rigged coverage in modern history.” —Bill Clinton

It must be so. If anyone in this United States know anything about rigged, it would be Bill Clinton.

I have had the opportunity to speak with several Hillary supporters this week, and to the man and woman, they all swear they would cut off their hands before they would vote for Obama. If the Obama/Clinton "Dream Ticket" doesn't materialize, it looks as though huge numbers of Dems won't be casting an Obama vote in November. I wonder if the Clintonista's might run their own Operation Chaos?

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