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June 11, 2008

Liz sees the light

On Simply Stating the Obvious, Liz posts about castle doctrine in Ohio, and "blood in the streets".

When Ohioans were first allowed to carry concealed weapons, I thought “Oh, goody! Now watch people shooting each other down on the street.” But that didn’t happen. In fact, according to the Toledo Blade in 2004 (when the law was passed) the violent crime rate increased only slightly, then began a steady decline in 2005 and 2006. And I’ve yet to see an Old West type shoot-out in my area (where gangs are few and hunters are many).

I am actually coming around to the thought that maybe violent crime is more deterred by what the potential may be carrying than any kind of punishment the offenders might face. A mugger now has no idea if that woman walking alone is carrying a big gun and will, most likely (barring desperation for a hit of their favorite drug), think twice before approaching her. However, there is a slight rise in home invasions.

Would that all approached this with such an open mind...

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