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March 13, 2008

Way to go, Jack. I hope you're paying attention, Poodles. (but I'm not holding my breath)

The column by Nicole Brochu in The Sun-Sentinel is the usual mass of PSH cliches. And as usual, the comments are lively. Some not very well thought out, but lively

Poodles comments:

"A person would only have a split second to react, and that's only if they KNEW what was going on. If you listen to the witness statements, you'll notice that most folks weren't really sure what was going on until it was almost over. I don't know what the answer is, maybe we should start licensing guns the way we do cars, with titles and yearly fees - not that it would help if a deranged person wanted a gun, but we gotta start somewhere. Do they still have the gun buy-back program? We also need more AFFORDABLE mental health care. The average person struggling from check to check cannot afford it, and if they do have insurance, it's still so expensive that many feel it's out of reach for them. The free mental health care is often un-advertised to the point that most people don't know it exists.

And Jack Burton replies in the comments...

Do I need the governments permission to buy a car? No.
Do I need to buy the car from only certain people with licenses to sell cars? No.
Can I buy as many cars as I want each week/month/year. Yes
Can I buy small cars, big cars, slow cars, fast cars, cars that look dangerous? Yes
Can I buy Hummers virtually like the troops use? Yes.
Do I have to wait from 5 to 15 days to pick up my car. No
If I traded in one car for a newer model do I still have to wait five to ten days to pick the new one up. No
Can I modify my car to allow more fuel, more performance, or better cornering. Yes
Would I have to turn over to the government without compensation some models of automobiles that might be banned years after I buy them. No
Do I need a license to buy a car? No
(in most states)
Can I buy a car at age 16? Yes.
Are driving lessons mandated in most high schools? Yes
Can I buy a car from anyone in any state? Yes.
Can I sell my car to anyone in any state? Yes
Can convicted felons buy, own or drive a car. Yes
In some places (e.g. NYC or New Jersey) would I first need a permit to buy from the police department which sometimes takes up to 2 years to obtain. No
In some cities (e.g. Washington D.C.) would I have to store my car partially disassembled. No
Do I need to register a car that I own? No (as long as I keep it on my own property)
Do I need a background check or waiting period to buy a car? No
Is my car held responsible if I misuse it? No
Would failure to register my car be a federal felony (prevents me from owning another one). No
Do I need to "safe store" my car even though many are stolen and used for criminal purposes? No
Will I lose my driver's license if I violate the law with my car? Most likely not
Can I legally drive my car into any state/city in the nation with every jurisdiction honoring my registration/license? Yes
Shall I go on? Or do you really, really want to treat guns like cars?

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