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March 6, 2008

It's not about "school security", it's about personal security and self-defense.

This cartoon by Bruce Plante ran in the Tulsa World

Reader comment #10 from TU Student was

I dont think that the question is should be be able to carry guns but rather how can we reform security on campus. Maybe reinventing school security into a stronger force will quell the pro gun students after all isnt this topic just a question of school security? However i dont call for every security officer on campus to carry an assualt rifle but rather be trained in the proper use of firearms and have a somewhat selfless attitude while on the job unlike the police around the country that stand by and watch the situation play out. (sic)

TU Student, this is not a problem of "school security". It is a problem of personal security and self-defense. No school can ever be secure. Weapons, sometimes firearms, are found in "secure" prisons on a daily basis.

And as so many have said before, unless you have a personal security officer assigned to you 24/7, if something happens you still have to call them (if you're able) and wait for them to get there.

Suppose you are sitting in class, and someone walks through the door, shoots the teacher, and turns and points his weapon at the class. Your mobile phone is on your desk. While the gunman is deciding who to shoot, you pick up your phone, dial 911 to call the police (or perhaps you have a speed dial to campus security), and wait for them to answer the phone. You give your name and location and describe the situation to the operator who immediately dispatches someone to your location.

Suppose there is a police car with two officers on the next block and they respond immediately. How long from the time you dialed the phone until they pull up out front? How many people will die before the officers know enough about the situation to do anything about it? Will you be one of them? Would it be a stretch to assume the gunman might target anyone making a phone call? Wouldn't it be more likely that no one would be making that call, but trying desperately to get away and thereby increasing the time that initial call is made?

Beefing up security isn't a bad idea. But wouldn't you much rather be able to, if you choose, have the ability to defend yourself instead of waiting for help that will always come too late?

Responsible, law-abiding adults should be able to carry anywhere they have a right to be.

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