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March 3, 2008

Cornell Daily Sun editorial puts "shoot me" sign on students' backs

"Way off Target" describes the editorial much better than they realize.

Some may feel comforted by guns; for most, they are instruments of fear. More than anything, a university is an open society — it is a place that values free inquiry, unhindered debate and giving full credence to the kind of opinions that make people cringe.

In this spirit, weapons of intimidation have no place here. If, in the last analysis, we remain less safe, it is a risk well worth taking. ...

There are certainly areas in which Cornell can do better. More CUPD officers walking beats would go a long way towards fostering a sense of safety on campus. And adding to Cornell’s impressive record on mental health services would do much towards preventing potential shooters from developing in the first place. Cornell ought to be a place where no community member ever feels so despondent, so forlorn, so unloved as to resort to violence.

And a response from the Cornell Repulicans' treasurer.

Instead, The Sun prefers to live in a fantasy utopia, valuing “the comfort that comes with the assumption that your lab partner isn’t packing heat” and a “sense of safety.”

It would behoove The Sun to enter the real world. Assumptions do not reality make, and safety is not achieved simply by perceiving it.

I don't think the responsible, law-abiding adults who desire to carry on campus are going to let this die. And shouldn't they have a right to carry any place they have a right to be?

Thx to GunPundit for the tip.


Murdoc said...

Hey, thanks for the link. You've got to love the "it is a risk worth taking" bit. Pretty cavalier with other peoples' safety, aren't they?

GreatBlueWhale said...

Cavalier is exactly the right word. They'll never get it.