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February 15, 2008

"..everything we could...?" Hardly.

My prayers to the families of the victims at Northern Illinois University.

"This is a tragedy, but from all indications we did everything we could when we found out," said Peters, the university president.

This should tell anyone everything they need to know about these shootings. "...we did everything we could...," says the university president. How about placing an armed guard in each classroom, and metal detectors and searches for everyone coming in and out of every campus and building entrance 24/7? But I would agree that those are not reasonable expectations. And they probably did do everything reasonable that could be expected, except  allow responsible, law-abiding adults to carry a weapon to protect themselves.

The university is not alone in this omission. The state of Illinois shoulders most of the responsibility for disarming citizens so they cannot legally protect themselves. Yes, Illinois, home of the FOID, a sweetheart state for the Brady Campaign to disarm America. is number 9 in the Brady state scorecard rankings. According to Brady, Illinois is in top 10 of states doing the most to curb gun violence. Really working, eh, Mr. Helmke?

By the way, when was the last time we heard of a mass shooting that wasn't in a gun-free victim disarmament zone(that anti-gun panacea is really working well for everyone, don't you know)?

My earnest hope is that someone in the fire zone who held an FOID (and could carry unloaded) but wasn't carrying because of the restrictions, will sue NIU.

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