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February 8, 2008

Gun-free zone tragedy with a twist

A man killed six people and wounded others at the Kirkwood, Mo. town hall yesterday. Details here.

Here's the twist. You know how all the antis say that the police are sufficient protection? Well, at least two of the victims were police officers. And, not only were there police officers present, but the town council members are exempt from the carry restrictions.

So, a gun-free zone failed its purpose, an immediate police presence didn't help these poor folks, those who could have been armed to protect themselves weren't, and laws passed to (presumably) prevent this type of incident were ignored, hence ineffective.

I'm sure there will be calls for more restrictions, there always are, but there are plenty of laws that the murderer ignored. Several more wouldn't have stopped him. In fact, look here in Kirkwood ordinances Chapter 17, Article VI, sections 17-130 through 17-132 for all the restrictions in place just within the city limits.


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