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February 20, 2008

But, gee occifer, I didn't mean for anyone to get hurt...

How would you like a SWAT team to surround your home in the middle of the night, handcuff you and your spouse, put your kids in a police car, and search your home because some 19 yr. old punk 1000 miles away pulled a practical joke by spoofing a 911 call to Orange County, CA.?

In the Orange County case, (Randal) Ellis is facing five felony counts and one misdemeanor for the March incident, including computer fraud, assault with a machine gun and false imprisonment by violence, Emami said.

The last two charges offer a novel prosecution strategy for a crime that doesn't have much precedence. Prosecutors will argue Ellis is guilty of both crimes "by proxy," meaning that because of his actions, the responding officers acted, in effect, as an agent for him.

"Even though the defendant wasn't actually there in Lake Forest pointing weapons at them, he was directly responsible for what happened to these victims," Emami said.

Public caning before the jail time is what I say.

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