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February 25, 2008

Another student heard from...

Zundel: Protecting oneself is a human right

from an opinion piece by Aaron Zundel from the Daily Utah Chronicle, an independent student newspaper at the University of Utah.

Until we have metal detectors and security guards posted at every entrance to every building on campus, the anti-gun (and current administration) position of "we'd rather risk everyone's lives than our own ideology by 'banning' guns on campus" is a hollow, selfish and moronic stance perpetuated by those who have never been required to check their ideas against the reality of the outside world.

"I'm willing to run the risk of being shot in a school massacre," the anti-gun students say. "So long as we take reasonable measures to keep guns off campus." That's fine. People get to make their own choices. What's not fine is to demand that everyone else make that same choice. That's called fascism.

When sufficient protection isn't provided by others, people ought to be able to protect themselves if they choose. It's a human right. What's not a human right is to demand that other people jeopardize their own safety so that we might all have a false sense of security.

That's just the way things are.

Mr. Zundel possesses an apparently rare skill seldom found in college student. The ability to think critically.

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