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An offer for Louisville Metro area residents.

If you have never been shooting, are 21 years old or older and not otherwise barred by state or federal law from purchasing or possessing a firearm, I'd like to invite you to the range. I will provide firearms, ammunition, range fees, eye and hearing protection and basic instruction.

(Benefactor Member of the NRA, member of KC3, former NRA firearms instructor, former Ky CCDW instructor)

Email me if you are interested in taking me up on this offer. Five (5) people already have.

January 2, 2008

We could use a lot more of this...

From kevin1911 on

Office Depot, West Kellogg, loses BIG!

...and I told them about it.
To whom it may concern:
I wished to express my disappointment regarding your corporate, or perhaps store, policy as it concerns the legal carrying of concealed firearms in Wichita, KS, most specifically your West Kellogg Dr. store in Wichita, KS. I was intending to go to your store to purchase a digital camera, flash memory, and some other office supplies. I had looked at products online, and I have purchased several computers and related items from your stores over the past few years. However, today, I went to the West Kellogg location and noticed the "No Concealed Weapons" sign prominently posted on the sliding glass doors. I didn't even slow down, I went over to your competitor, OfficeMax, whom I do not necessarily like the selection or store layout nearly as much, and purchased an Olympus EVolt Digital SLR twin lens kit, a 1.0GB compact flash card, an extended warranty on the camera, and a 100 pack of 6x9 clasp envelopes. Total sale was $761.39. The "no concealed weapons" sign on your front door does not provide for penalties for people carrying a weapon illegally; it only provides for legal penalty for persons who have proven themselves to have no criminal background and have taken an eight hour class and firearm proficiency test. Your sign simply tells the law-abiding citizens who happen to carry a concealed weapon that their business is no longer welcome as long as they choose to exercise that legal right. I find the sign to be an insult, as no signs were posted prior to concealed carry being enacted. The sign does not protect you from crime, and today, it prevented a $761.39 sale at your store in favor of a competitor. I enjoy shopping at your store, but will shop elsewhere so long as the store continues to be posted "no concealed weapons," and will let others know publicly (, the Kansas Concealed Carry forum) and by word-of-mouth about my experience and lack of patronage. Is the sticker on the window so valuable that it is worth losing sales over?
Kevin Dawson

Way to go, Kevin! We don't boycott to hurt them, though it does. We boycott to keep them from hurting us.

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