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January 17, 2008

Tennesse Senate approves firearms bill for responsible, law-abiding adults

(from -  all emphasis mine, gbw)

by Tom Humphrey
NASHVILLE - The state Senate voted 24-6 on Wednesday to authorize Tennesseans with pistol carry permits to take their weapons into establishments that sell alcohol, so long as they don't drink themselves.

Backers included Sen. Tim Burchett, R-Knoxville, who said he has used a gun to defend his property in a moment his life would otherwise have been in danger. The reference was to his use of a pistol to apprehend youths trying to break into a warehouse.

"Criminals are still going to carry guns into bars," Burchett said. "Law-abiding citizens are the ones who can't carry them now."

Opponents included Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Rosalind Kurita, D-Clarksville, who described herself as an NRA member and avid skeet shooter who believes "guns and liquor don't mix."

Sponsor Sen. Doug Jackson, D-Dickson, said owners of establishments who do not want guns on their premises will still be able to post a sign and prohibit them under the law.

He predicted few businesses will do so because Tennessee's 185,000 permit holders have "a remarkable safety record" over the past 10 years, with no reports of any involvement in crimes or violence with their weapons.

Jackson said the current law is illogical, creating a "gun-free zone" in restaurants that offer alcoholic beverages with meals but not in "Cracker Barrel and Shoney's" that do not.

The bill, he said, is more likely to lead to a permit-holder stopping a crime than to cause a crime.

The six voting against the bill were all Democrats. They were Sens. Andy Berke of Chattanooga, Charlotte Burks of Monterey, Thelma Harper of Nashville, Joe Haynes of Nashville, Sen. Beverley Marrero, D-Memphis and Kurita.

The bill now goes to the House, where similar measures have died in subcommittee in previous years. House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh has opposed such measures.

The bill, SB23/HB702, has not yet been scheduled for a vote in the House subcommittee by sponsor Rep. Joe McCord, R-Maryville.

I hope someone brings this to the attention of 2nd Amendment friend Ky. State Representative Damron. We could certainly use this kind of thinking in the Bluegrass State.


Themikester said...

Bravo! We need to get our reps to work on this!

GreatBlueWhale said...

Damron is supposed to file several bills. We'll see what happens.