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January 24, 2008

Finally, an armed option in a self-defense article!

Here is an article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about an enrollment surge in "self-defense" classes following the slaying and decapitation of 24 year old hiker Meredith Emerson early this year.

There is, as is usual in these articles some wise words.

"You have to realize this is somebody that means you harm," says the trainer and co-owner of Forsyth County's KBX Gym. "There are no rules here. This is street fighting. This is a fight for your life."


"If it turns into a muscle match, you're likely to lose," says Gurley.

Students also learn to use everyday items — such as cellphone antennae, keys and hot coffee —as weapons.

As I read the article, I was increasingly sure that though "weapons" were mentioned (keys, hot coffee, cell phone antenna), firearms would not. I was only mostly correct. When I got to the end of the article, guess what was listed as the first resource?

Personal Defense Training: Classes teach use of weaponry, including handguns, knives and pepper spray. Also offers simulation of violent confrontations. 5220 Linnadine Way, Norcross. 404-403-5739; (my emphasis. gbw)

That's right, weaponry including handguns. Makes good sense, doesn't it? At least it does if you believe the instructor quoted above really means that "This is a fight for your life," and "If it turns into a muscle match, you're likely to lose."

Homo sapiens are tool users, male and female, and should use the tools best suited for the job. I wouldn't use a rock or even a tack hammer to frame a house, and I wouldn't depend on a cell phone antenna or cup of hot coffee if I could have a pistol for self-defense.

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