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December 10, 2007

The safety of gun-free zones...

(stolen directly from The Breda Fallacy)

the victims: unarmed
12/5/07 mall, Omaha NE (8 dead)
2/12/07 mall, Salt Lake City UT (5 dead)
4/16/07 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA (32 dead)
4/29/07 mall, Kansas City MO (3 dead)
10/2/06 Amish school, Lancaster County PA (5 dead)
3/12/05 church, Brookfield WI (7 dead)
3/21/05 high school, Red Lake MN (9 dead)
4/20/99 high school, Columbine CO (13 dead)
8/10/99 Jewish Community Center, Los Angeles CA (1 dead)
9/15/99 teen prayer rally, Fort Worth TX (7 dead)
12/6/89 École Polytechnique, Montréal QC (14 dead)...etc...
the murderers: cowards.

Yup. Makes me want to take my all my evil firearms straight to a gun buy-back.

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Breda said...

the sad thing is that I could have went on and made an even longer list...

Thank you for the link =)