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December 26, 2007

Public Bathrooms and Concealed Carry

James Rummel, a professional self-defense instructor in Ohio has an interesting post on Hell in a Handbasket about, you guessed it, public bathrooms and concealed carry. He says,

The majority of my students have never touched a gun before in their lives, so it is essential to go over the basics. But it is surprising how practical some of their questions are. For example, a student was wondering what they should do if they have to use the toilet in a public restroom. Where do they put the gun so the rest of the patrons don't freak out, or so a thief won't make a grab for the valuable and expensive weapon while the owner is in a delicate position?

The image of some punk kneeling on the floor outside of a bathroom stall so they can snake their hand in and grab a gun that is puddled around someone's ankles might seem ludicrous, but consider the amount of cash involved. Even reasonably priced yet reliable handguns sell for somewhere around the $400.00 USD range, and thieves will take greater risks for less reward. Why take the chance?

Click on the link above for the rest.

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