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November 13, 2007

Peace, love and understanding

There will always be petty criminals for whom the penalty of using a weapon outweighs their desire to use one. However, career felons and hard-core gangbangers who commit the majority of violent crimes have no such compunctions. They live by ignoring and breaking the law, just as we live by going to work. They will do whatever they feel necessary to bring home the bacon. For most of them, sticking a gun in someone’s face is as easy as shaking hands is to us. They are predators.

I believe most of them are sociopaths, though the term has fallen out of favor. Doctors now call this “condition” antisocial personality disorder. However, sociopath is much easier to type. What characterizes a sociopath?

  • Disregard for the rights of others
  • Violations of the rights of others, often appearing as disregard for the physical or sexual well-being of another
  • Unable to conform to society’s definition of a “normal” personality
  • Antisocial tendencies
  • Physical aggression
  • Unable to hold a stable job
  • Unable to maintain stable relationships
  • Often have a sense of superiority
  • Often thrill seekers
  • Often abuse alcohol and drugs
  • Usually a person of abundant charm and wit, which means most of the characteristics above may not be readily apparent

At what point do you think that a person fitting the above description will say, “Gee, they passed a law banning all firearms. I had better get rid of my guns, give up my life of crime, go down to McDonalds, and flip burgers for a living.” Or, “Oh my, there is a “no weapons allowed” sign on that door. I can’t rob them.”

People who believe this possible are exactly the kind of prey the predators look for, always in Condition White, always looking for that “goodness” inside every person that is just ready to burst out when shown a little compassion and understanding.


steenface said...

The whole "where there is a will, there's a way" mentality is precisely why I don't think taking away the second amendment is smart. Even people who aren't allowed to have them now, for one reason or another, are able to get them.

Leaving a majority of the population unarmed while the seedier type get them on the black market is ridiculous.

GreatBlueWhale said...

For criminals, it's not really a black market situation. It's typically receiving stolen property or otherwise illegaly obtained arms.
Seriously, what part of the definition of criminal do those people not understand?
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you get to the range soon to bust a few caps.