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November 28, 2007

" idea that needs more thought"

From the Muskogee Phoenix.

Guns on campus is an idea that needs more thought

Around 8,000 students nationwide have joined Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, a group that argues students licensed to carry concealed weapons should be allowed to pack heat along with carrying textbooks.

That raises a difficult issue.

We support the right of Americans to own and carry weapons, but in the same breath, we believe it’s a fundamentally bad idea to have teenagers in already difficult emotional situations add the volatile ingredient of firearms to an already potent stew.

The bottom line is college shootings make us all justifiably afraid for students trapped on a campus where a madman is firing hot lead left and right, but we shouldn’t allow that valid fear to lead us into making profoundly unwise decisions.

We agree that campuses everywhere must address the threat from violence, but they should not exacerbate the problem by allowing what are essentially still kids to tote guns all over the place where other kids will be put into danger.

So, after giving the idea some thought, I posted this comment on their web site.

First, Federal law prohibits anyone younger than 21 years old from owning or carrying a handgun.(under most circumstances).

Second, the various states also prohibit anyone younger than 21 years old from getting a concealed carry license.

Third, the Federal and various state governments allow those 21 years of age or older to purchase handguns, and where allowed by law, to carry weapons concealed.

Fourth, how about all those firearms incidents on campuses in Utah... Still waiting... Anything? Right. That should tell you something right there.

What you call a "profoundly unwise decision" to allow "teenagers" to carry on campus is already illegal everywhere in the United States.

However, adults who are not otherwise prohibited from possessing or carrying firearms should be allowed to do so anywhere they have a right to be. Misuse of a firearm, or any other weapon for that matter, is against the law in every state and usually carries severe penalties. Let adults assume responsibility and if they abuse it, prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Your emotional opinions based on inaccurate assumptions would continue to disarm law-abiding citizens, rendering them defenseless against predators and maniacs.

I hope the Muskogee Phoenix's "support" for "the right of Americans to own and carry weapons" is better thought out and based on facts.

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