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October 17, 2007

What if we really were...

Bitter, over at The Bitch Girls, talks about perception and the NRA, and this is my contribution.

Too many think that just owning a firearm, for whatever purpose, and paying dues makes them an NRA member. Technically that may be true. I think it just means they bought a magazine subscription.

While their presence on the roll is beneficial, what if all those NRA "members" participated in local NRA activities, wrote letters to lawmakers and newspapers, manned booths at local events, even non-firearms related events?

What might happen if they all showed up on the steps of the State Capitol when hearing were being held on anti-2nd Amendment bills? What could the state and national organizations do if these "members" actually sent in more than just their subscription money? (I joined the NRA 35 years ago as an annual member. I am now a Patron Member, and I have never made over $40K/year.) It can be done.

What if they were interested enough to READ the magazine they subscribe to and see that when comes the knock on the door, at some point in time it will be for their (fill in their favorite type of gun here).

Heck, what if only half of them did these things?

A few years back, there was a campaign that said, "I am the NRA!" What if we really were?

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