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October 26, 2007

University of Kentucky student paper editorial is all opinion and no facts.

In an editorial titled, "For safety's sake, campus gun ban should remain", The University of Kentucky student newspaper, The Kentucky Kernel, the editors praise the Empty Holster Protest participants for their "peaceful" exercise of their First Amendment rights. Delivering the usual feed good nonsense backed up by nothing, they come to the conclusion:

For the sake of their own safety, students should support the current deadly-weapons-free policy. Hiring additional police officers and installing more emergency phones on campus would be much better methods of increasing safety on campus than allowing concealed possession of firearms would be.

Comments on the Ky Kernel site are moderated, but neither of my attempts to comment have been posted. Here is my second comment.

I agree! Look at all the violent incidents in the university system in Utah where they allow concealed carry Oh, wait. THERE HAVEN'T BEEN ANY!!!

This editorial is all opinion and no fact, so why don’t we look at a few.

Fact: Concealed carry license holders commit statistically insignificant crime compared to the normal population. This is because they are law-abiding citizens who understand the responsibility of carrying a firearm.

Fact: Every school shooting has happened in a Gun/Weapons Free Zone. Made a real difference, huh? Have you notices most folks don't go on a shooting rampage at gun clubs and police stations?

Fact: Personal arms are used in approximately 2.5 million incidents of self-defense every year in the United States. How many police were standing there, I wonder? Why carry a gun? Because a whole cop is too heavy.

Fact: Every time concealed carry has been authorized in a jurisdiction the opponents have cried, "The streets will run red with the blood of vigilante justice!" Every time they have been horribly wrong. 39 states is a large enough test case to put this one to rest, don't you think?

Fact: There are students carrying concealed every day at the University of Kentucky but you do not know it. Why? Because they take the concealed part as seriously as they do their commitment to be able to protect themselves, that is why.
Fact: Government entities (police, public schools, etc.) have no duty to protect you and incur no liability when they do not protect you. So says the Supreme Court in numerous cases since 1856. Just Google "no duty to protect" and look at some of the thousands of entries, many of which will give you specific citations. If you do not protect yourself, no one will.

Fact: Extra police officers and additional phones will not do you any good when you walk across campus and an attacker steps out of the shadows. Criminals typically do not wait for their innocent victims to call the police before they attack you, no matter how many new officers are hired,

Fact: The presence of weapons does not presuppose increases in violent crime and suicide. See the Kates and Mauser international study "Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?" recently published in a Harvard journal. Just one small quote:
     "Whether gun availability is viewed as a cause or as a mere coincidence, the long term evidence is that gun ownership spread widely throughout societies consistently correlates with stable or declining murder rates."
I would also point out that there have been several studies of this nature conducted over several decades, and they have all come to the same conclusion.

Fact:  Universities grossly underreport campus crime. If most students knew the actual levels of crime on campus they would be, rightly, scared stiff.

Fact: Predators avoid prey that they think might fight back. That's why wolves hunt sheep, not mountain lions.

"For the sake of their own safety," eligible students and faculty should be able to bear arms to protect themselves wherever they are.

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