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October 16, 2007

Oregon teacher wins first round in her right-to-carry battle

See the entire story here. I know many will characterize this as a gun rights battle, but it isn't. It's a civil rights battle for Ms. Katz's Second Amendment rights. Guns don't have rights, people do. You remember "the people" don't you.

MEDFORD (AP) — English teacher Shirley Katz won the first round of her legal bout for the right to carry a pistol onto school grounds when a judge said Thursday he would not dismiss the case, but would rule on her lawsuit against the school district.

And her lawyer continues to make interesting and accurate statements.

“The idea that having a gun-free zone makes a safe zone is a fallacious theory,” Leuenberger said.

A theory proven wrong over and over again, one must add. I wonder how long this will be tied up in court?

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Martin Vennard said...

Hi, I work for BBC World Service radio in London and today (Friday) between 1.30pm and 2pm East Coast Time in the States we will be talking to Shirley Katz live in our international discussion programme, World Have Your Say. She is the Oregon teacher who wants to be able to take a gun to school for her own protection. If you would like to take part in the discussion, please email your phone numbers or call me on +442085761720 and I will call you straight back.
Many Thanks
Martin Vennard