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September 20, 2007

One of these days...

A terrorist will walk into an American elementary school and kill a lot of children. This will happen, and I expect sooner rather than later.

Why does certainty appear nearly 100%? Well, it might be because they are assured daily by people shouting at the top of their lungs that schools are and should remain gun-free zones.

Why wouldn't we want armed teachers? Firearms in the hands of responsible people aren't any danger. Aren't the teachers responsible people? If they aren't, why do you allow your children to be enrolled at a school with irresponsible teachers?

Can't teachers be trained? Well, since education is their life, they should be trainable. Can't we run background checks on teachers. Oh, wait, they already do.

Don't teachers have the right to protect themselves? I guess not, listening to all the wailing and moaning going on out there.

I guess someone might get hurt if those evil guns are in the schools. As opposed to the evil terrorists????

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