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September 25, 2007

Criminal use of a gun NOT an exercise of Second Amendment rights...


One more time.

When someone uses a firearm when they commit a crime, it is not an exercise of Second Amendment rights. It. Is. A. Crime.

Abusing the First Amendment? Slander or Libel.

Abuse of the Second? Murder, armed robbery, wanton endangerment, etc.

Abuse of the Third? Criminal Trespass

Abuse of the Fourth? Criminal Trespass, or if the Government, denial of due process

Get the idea? When someone is convicted in a slander or libel suit, no one (except the perpetrator) says, "Oh, he just exercised his First Amendment rights." No, they say he committed slander or libel.

I think it would be entirely appropriate to sue some of the people who are continually equating law abiding citizens who are exercising their right to keep and bear arms. Some large awards might shut them down. Or shut them up. Either one is fine with me.

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