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If you have never been shooting, are 21 years old or older and not otherwise barred by state or federal law from purchasing or possessing a firearm, I'd like to invite you to the range. I will provide firearms, ammunition, range fees, eye and hearing protection and basic instruction.

(Benefactor Member of the NRA, member of KC3, former NRA firearms instructor, former Ky CCDW instructor)

Email me if you are interested in taking me up on this offer. Five (5) people already have.

August 23, 2007

"Manners are the grease that lubricates society"

Over at What would John Wayne do?, Ahab laments the lack of manners we too often see around us today.

Somewhere in the ancient past, there is a high school yearbook with a full page picture of the GreatBlueWhale with the caption "Most Courteous" This was an award voted by the teachers and staff back in the dark ages when manners meant something. I took a lot of ribbing from my friends about it, buy I was quite proud of what I considered a very real honor.

You see, I figured out very early on good manners made my life a lot easier. When you're polite and considerate of others, more of the same comes back at you than not.

One of Heinlein's said it best; "Manners are the grease that lubricates society," and "An armed society is a polite society." Both great advice.

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